STOP motivational pressure amid COVID-19

No more motivational pressure!



Pressure is spreading like wildfire during this lockdown. There’s pressure to be more active, productive, and innovative, and to finish what we perhaps started long ago. If you’ve spouted a similar message, please shut your pie hole NOW. Stop the pressure!

Coronavirus terror and massive economic crisis is happening — so, telling us that we lack discipline if we’re not learning a new skill or getting shit done, is totally fucked up.

For most of us, our minds haven’t even come to terms with the fact that the world has already changed. Yet, we’re all feeling our own versions of grief, stress, loss, panic, numbness, boredom, rage, no energy, you name it…

Nobody was prepared to navigate this traumatic time. Let’s leave the guilt tripping to religion. If you ARE being more productive, cool, just be proud of your own damn self and try not to be a passive-aggressive-piece-of-shit bully.

To my friends struggling with mental health, I’m here with you. All we need to do is breathe and move from moment to moment. We don’t need to learn a new skill, rather we can learn how to better appreciate ourselves and the world by simply just being. Here’s to NOT getting shit done on the outside, and to going within, where we all deserve our own compassion.

Repeat after me: “I have nothing to prove!”

You're soooo worthy!


Hang in there,

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