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About SoberChrystal

Hello, fellow travelers on this winding road of sobriety! Let me tell you about SoberChrystal. I’m here to share my unfiltered experiences, the messy bits, and the raw truth. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to recovery, and that’s precisely what I want to emphasize. So buckle up because we’re diving deep!

Beyond the surface

Sobriety isn’t just about saying no to the bottle. It’s about excavating the layers beneath—the tangled roots of pain, the whispers of memories, and the endless sea of quiet battles fought within. Why did we drink? Why did we stop? Who the hell are we now? The answers lie in the shadows, waiting to be discovered.

Mental health and alcoholism

They dance together, these two. Mental health and alcoholism do the cha-cha through our lives, sometimes in harmony, often in discord, looking more like hideous “floss.” I write about both because they’re inseparable in my world. Anxiety clings to the rim of a glass and depression echoes in empty bottles. Let’s talk about it—the mess, the stigma, and the healing.

Defying norms

SoberChrystal follows rules if they make sense. But, I’ve never been one for norms. The beaten path? Nah, I’ll take the overgrown trail, thank you. Sobriety, too, defies norms. It’s not a neat checklist; it’s a scribbled map with coffee stains and tear smudges. What’s best for me might not fit the mold, and that’s okay. We’re rebels, rewriting the rules.

Growing up

My childhood was like a tipsy-turvy carnival. Picture this: Redneck uncles, sunburned and wild (mullets here and there), leading ATV expeditions through the woods. Chainsaws roared, and we followed with scraped knees and wide-eyed wonder. Guns and booze? A seemingly natural combo. And the nights? Bonfires, twangy tunes, and clandestine sips of Grandpa’s “apple pie.” I was clueless, but the air smelled of laughter, energy, and adventure.

Pee breaks and rodeos

My dad, the ultimate alcoholic, taught me life’s essentials. Like stopping behind Bargain Beverage for a roadside pee after snagging his Budweiser 40s. You gotta go when you gotta go. And the Rodeo? Us kids perched outside the beer garden, eyes hungry for adulthood. The chaos inside—drunken laughter, stumbling cowboys—was forbidden fruit. I longed to taste it.

Christmas in technicolor

Ah, Christmas, the symphony of chaos. Loud voices, clinking glasses, and the glow of inebriated merriment. It was a rowdy canvas, painted with love and liquor. I wouldn’t trade those moments—the messy, the loud, the heaping pile of presents—for anything. They shaped me and whispered, “This is life.”


So here we are, fellow wanderers. Let’s raise our glasses of bubbly water to vulnerability, to authenticity, and to the craziness of sobriety. May we stumble, laugh, and find solace in the quiet moments. Cheers to rewriting our stories, one sober step at a time. Thanks for being here.

Sober date: November 8, 2006


I’m here to support you! I truly appreciate receiving comments and feedback. Connecting with others and sharing our experiences makes me feel uplifted, valuable, and fully alive. Raising awareness is crucial in dismantling stigma and creating opportunities for those who are still struggling. If you need support, feel free to reach out to me at soberchrystal@gmail.com or explore the resources on my dedicated page.

Suicide Prevention Resource Center (SPRC): http://www.sprc.org/

22 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Chrystal – Stopped by and I like your stuff. About 6 months ago I started writing about different aspects of my life including my first year of recovery. I was 15 years old when I got sober in 1983. I am doing the anonymous thing right now. I used to shout it from the roof tops for the first 20 years now I’m more reserved…..probably due to getting married and having kids. But you know what that works for me and this works for you and aren’t we both just fabulous bitches :).

    1. I’m thrilled you stopped by and that you took the time to comment. Sober since 1983?! Fuckin A, you ARE one fabulous bitch! I’ve read a few of your most recent blog posts and holy shit, you’ve been through the ringer. I’m proud of you and happy you have an outlet, like blogging. It has saved my sober ass. Glad to be connected.

  2. Love your blog. Amazingly, I found it after I “googled” dry drunk. I love your unabashed, snarky, funny, honest writing! When I met my husband, he had 10 years of sobriety. My husband told me to hit him with a 2×4 if he ever said he wanted to take a drink. I’m a normie, however, I have a long family history of alcoholism. I chose not to drink other than socially. I even offered to go through the 12 step program so that i would have a better understanding of what he has been through. He called me condescending. Cut to 7.5 yrs of marriage. I have been abandoned, litterally, 4 times. He lost his job, ran out of unemployment, moved in with his mommy. And oh yes that is meant to be backhanded! Wanted me to but against my better judgement, I agreed. This lasted for 5 days then he kicked me out after getting drunk and yelling at me at 0200hrs. He’s perfect in his mothers eyes. He got a DWI and almost lost his new job, he was demoted. He lied as to why he missed his flight home. I found out when i questioned him about an attorney he had hired out of state. He couldnt understand why i was pissed. Gee? On another occasion, passed out drunk in the Denver airport and a missed flight home for Christmas. Not to mention the 12K spent on online gaming and the subsequent affair with Sarah, that he met online gaming. I believe, after attending CODA, AA, Alanon and lots of reading, that he has severe mental problems in addition to drinking again. 22yrs of every drug known to exist. He has problems at work, does not want to be called on anything and the biggest thing that just f’ing pisses me off to no end, is that he has his entire family fooled! So, here’s the rub…. I have a terminal disease, no cure, and he is more cruel now with my diagnosis. He yells at me all the time and says that I deserve it and that he does not feel bad at all. Fucker. I was a union crane operator and I am not able to work any more. I am limited to one hour of activity per day. I made more money than he did and now I’m stuck with a very proud (see, I can drink with no problems) husband who is incredibly abusive. I have a chemo port in right now and if I go on state aid, it will never, ever, come close to covering my medical bills. Wow! I didn’t expect all of that to come out… So sorry! Keep writing!

    1. Holy shit! First of all, thank you for the props and for reading my blog. More importantly, thank you for your honesty and openness. I am so sorry to hear about what you are going through. Your husband sounds like a big piece of shit. You deserve so much better. Please send me an email, I’d like to see how I can help, even if it’s just to lend an ear and understanding …soberchrystal@gmail.com. You take care of yourself and always remember that you are a special, beautiful, and strong woman. He can’t diminish that light within you – let it glow, girl – I can feel it from here. *hugs* -Chrystal

  3. Hi Chrystal,

    It’s so crazy to me how may different journeys we all take when we get sober, sometimes we need a little more to help fill the void and step into action and truly take initiative. You took your sobriety an created a wildly successful and heavy followed blog. It’s so cool to see our paths that are created when we decide to get sober! Like, how productive we all become without the burden from drugs and alcohol. I really respect everything you’ve written in your blog and would love some feedback about my site I created. If you have a second to check it out I’d really appreciate your opinion. As you’ve put a lot of time into this blog, I respect the triumphs of people like you that have overcome their own afflictions. Thanks!
    > Justin Bagnato
    > Founder of SomebodySober.com

    1. Thanks so much, Justin! (I just now am reading my blog comments. Sorry for the delayed reply!) We’ve since been in touch though, and your site is awesome! I LOVED your last mailer from your site and I the forums are fantastic. Good stuff.

      I SO appreciate your feedback on my blog. Makes me feel like a million bucks!

      I’ll be in touch soon!

  4. Dear Chrystal,

    I’m Brett and I’m a recovering alcoholic/pothead with three years of sobriety. I created a website where people share their stories about achieve sobriety on camera. I founded achievesobriety.org because when I looked online to watch videos of people talking about getting sober on Youtube and there were very, very few videos. I was in serious disbelief in my discovery or lack of a discovery.

    One year later I have launched achievesobriety.org and there are already 7 videos for people to watch with more to be regularly released. Since I’m one who regularly bites more than I can chew the website has more than just videos. The website has a blog and I was hoping if I could post some of your blog posts on my website? I’d really appreciate it.

    Thank you for being a voice about an incredibly taboo subject.

    -Brett Taylor

    1. Hi Brett! Thanks so much for reading! I like your site and would be honored to be a part of it. Love to work together to break apart this stigma and increase awareness that we are everywhere and this “club” we are in is where life begins!

  5. Very kewl read, as I have been sitting here reading thru your blogs over and over. They are very much inspiring. I too have lived much of the same life as you. In Jan. this year I made some life changes on my own and the most important being Sober. I was told that counseling and everything else was needed. I am pretty strong willed and wanted to prove everyone wrong, to which I have, and didn’t want or need someone to tell me I had a problem. Yes I miss it, but your blog has reinforced what I have been going through and our daily battles. Thanks again. Please don’t stop writing because they are extremely motivating and entertaining as well. S4L

    1. Your comment makes me feel amazing. I am so happy that the shit in my head helps to motivate you! Thank you so much for reading and for reaching out. You must be about 6 months, then? That was a tricky and rough time for me. And it’s summer. Please email me (soberchrystal@gmail.com) if you need any support!

  6. cool beans…good job…some people will receive help from you..without you knowing which is the best part !!! I found you on twitter in recovery related also..peace

  7. I just real ALL of your posts – amazing. You’re a strong one! Keep going, your inspiration shines.

  8. I have so many things to say, I don’t know where to start! Suffice it to say I am proud of you and you inspire me!

  9. Im currently in the process of starting a major ecommerce site toward promoting sobriety. Those who are alcoholic, and those who choose sobriety themselves. The site is a blog, forum, and all around networking tool. I am looking for intelligent young people to help build my community. I currently am working with a leading design firm in NY to properly develop the site. Please drop me a email if you are interested for more information. 🙂
    Congrats on 6 years!

  10. Chrystal!

    I am so very proud of you as my cousin, even though we have not been around each other much, but only as a young children (due to our 11 yrs differnce). I’ve read your journey & coming from a family with alcohol abuse, child abuse or drugs, made me make the choices not to repeat what I saw as roll models as a kid. I can really and truly understand your pain, as I never went down the path you took, but I am too a survivor of child/sexual abuse. I believe that there is a real reason we end up on this so called crooked path in our life’s journey, I have been on one for many years. I have come to understand that this crazy whacked out journey I was put on like you, yourself was because we can handle anything that life throws at us. We have made the choices to stand up for ourselves and make the change. Girl, I am one proud cousin to say you are an amazing cousin, woman, daughter, wife and mother! Keep up this great journey you are doing, because you know that you are making a difference in someone’s life every day with your blog & to be open and honest about your journey is AMAZING, not many people can actually stand up and say, “Hi I am an alcoholic” in front of people, let alone on a public forum… YOU GO GIRL!

    1. Thank you!!! This whole “going public” thing just may keep me from crawling into a dark cave! It’s amazing to realize the support that’s out there! Thanks again.

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