My mission: Making stigma my bitch – one day at a time. This may sound a little kinky, but I don’t know how else to put it. Stigma is a dirty little whore and I’m gonna slap the shit out of it. There is a force within me and it’s going to be heard, over and over, until more and more people get out of their way and mine.

Growing up, my alcoholic dad relapsed several times. My heart-broken, well-meaning, co-dependent mom would shake her head in bewilderment, “This must not be his rock bottom”. I always thought that was a bullshit line. It’s an illusion that an alcoholic has to suffer over and over again until they finally break. Most of us are conditioned by society to believe that our circumstances have to get really bad before we make changes in our lives. Why wait until we are desperate and drained? It’s really ok to not drink. Recovery isn’t a cakewalk, but it’s worth it. You don’t need labels, powerlessness, or meetings. It doesn’t have to get any worse, and you can own your recovery, your way. Awareness is key to annihilating the stigma that holds us back. Life is too precious not to own our shit and be proud of who we are and what we’ve overcome. People in recovery are some of the strongest and bravest people on earth. Ignorance and discrimination blow. I’m dedicated to continuous learning about my own recovery and how others are doing it – and sharing with the world. Stigma can suck it.

My other goals with this blog are simple:

  • Get some of this crap out of my head and heart.
  • Potentially inspire a fellow boozer to get sober.
  • Reiterate that there’s no “right” way to recover.
  • Shed some light on the subject for those who might know a drunk like me.
  • Provide a little insight into my journey of recovery, for those who love me.
  • Connect with other badasses and feel less isolated.

Thank you for reading. If you need support, see my Resources page or leave a comment. You’re not alone.

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